The Studio

Specializing in Headshot & Business Photography

Beruck Studios is located in New Ulm, Minnesota. Our studio is designed to give you a relaxed experience and a variety of options! The indoor studio is great for large groups as well as personal sessions.


We Do Things Different

  • Go At Your Own Pace

    There is no time limit, you get all the time we need for a successful shoot. I’m not going to keep you there any longer than you need to be either. We'll go at your pace and have fun every throughout!

  • Select Images Same Day

    Throughout the session, we'll stop and look at some images we've captured. This gives you an opporunity to share what you like and don't like as we work towards your best shots.

    At the end of the session, we'll review all of the images. You'll get to select your favorite shots to be professionally edited and retouched. You'll receive as much or as little guidance during your selection as you'd like. 

  • Purchase Only What You Want

    Images are purchased seperately which allows you to purcahse as little or mas many as you want. There are no minimum requirements. 

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