Headshot Tips

Tips for a successful headshot session

When preparing for your upcoming headshot session, there are few things to keep in mind to help you have the best possible portraits.

Below are some helpful tips when you are getting ready for your session.

Dress to fit your business style. A headshot should be a natural reflection of yourself and your business. If you normally wear a suit and tie, then wear a suit and tie; if you normally wear jeans and a nice shirt, come in jeans and a polo! We can allow for one outfit change, so feel free to bring two options.

Pick your favorite outfit that fits you well and you feel confident in. Try to stay away from anything with bold, distracting patterns or colors. If possible, avoid white clothing unless it is a shirt under a jacket.

Select the perfect tie. If wearing a tie, choose a tie that is not shiny or silky. Avoid bold or distracting patterns.

Choose neutral colors. Choose clothing that is neutral in color and compliments your skin tones (ideally darker than your skintone) and your business brand

Headshot Tips

Keep jewelry to a minimum. Too much jewelry or jewelry that is overly shiny can distract from the main focus of the portrait, you! Keep it simple!

Avoid shimmery or shiny makeup. Keep a natural look for your makeup and don't worry about blemishes; they can easily be retouched. Avoid too much powder over foundation as this can show and be difficult to retouch.

Don't schedule a hair cut the day before your session. Most cuts look better after one week.

Wear your hair in a way that looks most like you. The goal is to keep your portrait so it is recognizably you.

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