Beruck Studios is a photography studio located in New Ulm, MN that specializes in headshot and business photography.

Ashley Aukes, New Ulm Photographer

Our Approach

Meet Ashley

Ashley Aukes has also been an avid photographer for approximately 15 years and has received awards for her photography work.

Ashley is passionate about helping rural communities, nonprofits and entrepreneurs improve their overall brand. This, she believes, is achieved through strong brand management, consistent messaging and intriguing photography.

Ashley is one of two Certified Public Communicators in the State of Minnesota. She has co-founded two Social Media Breakfast chapters in southern Minnesota and has also presented at numerous state and national conferences.

Our Story

Behind the Name

Beruck Studios is named in memory of Ashley's late grandfather, Andrew Beruck Sr. Andrew was also a photographer who owned the original Beruck Studios in Pennsylvania in 1971. Before he passed, Ashley had the pleasure of sharing her own love for photography with him and was inspired by his work. She has inherited not only his creative eye but also his original film cameras.

Want to work with Ashley?

Let Ashley help take your organization to the next level with her design, communication and photography skills.